• Denise


Have been going glass crazy this month making bowls.

I started off with a beautiful clear design and kept adding colour.

The first clear glass bowl I made in this style looked like coral or seaweed so this made me think about the different colours of some of the seaweed along our shores here in Northern Ireland. 

Some of the greens are bright and vibrant, some are darker and dull. Some seaweeds sparkle in the sun with the salt crusted on them as they dry out at low tide.

I tried to capture all of these elements when I made the first coloured bowl.

The process takes about 48 hours in the kiln and that is a long wait to see the finished piece. I love how it looked, catching the light and casting coloured shadows.

The local seascape is always a great place for inspiration so naturally the next colour to try was blue. I used 5 different shades of blue and it looks like a giant splash of sea water. As you can tell I love making these so I just went mad with the colours and made all sorts.

Each one is different and it is impossible to predict the final look as the glass melts and spreads in the kiln. The colours also change as they melt together becoming darker or lighter.

Opening the kiln is exciting as you never know what the final piece will look like.

Fused glass bowls = fun to make and stunning to look at

Denise x

#painting #DIY